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Contact:Mr Zhu
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XAG multi-string steel wire squash-out-machine
Instroduction:It's a special machine set to coil the steel-wire when producing bicycle,motorcycle,automobil tyres.This set consists of steel-wire laying and distributing equipment,washing equipment,drying equipment,rubberizing equipment and coiling equipment.you can freely adjust aquash speed and coiling plate speed.
Technical datum
Technical parameter
maximum diameter of steel ring 711.2mm
minimum diameter of steel ring 100mm
inner diameter of steel ring applied to extension frame 355mm
number ofextension frame
electric-heated temperature(control electrical equipment) 20-350V
squeezing machine diameter of screw 65mm
power of motor 7.5KW
cooling single tractor machine diameter of tractor roller 430mm
velocity of tractor roller 2.9-7m/min
power of motor 3KW
winding machine running velocity of spindle 20-32.6r/min
power of motor 2.2KW
working pressure 0.5-0.75MPa
number of auto solid length 1-18
limited length the store frame can store 25m
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